“Phil Olsen’s The Chat Room was perhaps the most intriguing work of the night; a surreal, Lynch-lite short journey into an unusual town. How does Joy know Ike’s favourite dish, even though he’s never been in her café before? What caused the mysterious craters that Harlowe (TV actor David Lonsdale, best known for Heartbeat) is giggling about over his daily toastie? It was well-realised, funny, a little disorienting, and the pay-off was satisfying.”

—Vicky Anderson, reviewing ‘It’s Play Time’ for Made Up Liverpool

Six short plays including Phil's 'The Chat Room' were preformed at Lantern Theatre Liverpool in October 2014.

The Chat Room

Phil’s short play ‘The Chat Room’ was performed at Lantern Theatre Liverpool in October 2014.

Chosen through a competition organised by Liverpool’s Writing on the Wall, he participated in a series of monthly workshops led by scriptwriter Julian Perkins and literary agent Diane Culverhouse. His resulting play was staged alongside five others in October 2014.

Fleeing Town Forever 

Phil’s short play ‘Fleeing Town Forever’ was performed at Lantern Theatre Liverpool in January 2015.

It was staged alongside five other writers’ short plays to a full house. The event was the culmination of a Lantern Theatre Writers’ Development Group, of which Phil was a member between 2014-15.


The Society of Interesting Things presents ‘The Library of TSOIT’

Phil was invited to write a text piece for an Independents Biennial exhibition which took place in the former George Henry Lee’s department store in Liverpool.

Asked to respond to the theme of ‘sound and music’, Phil wrote a creative non-fiction piece titled ‘An unscientific measurement of sound against light, place and time’. The exhibition ran from 1 – 28 October 2018.

Excerpt: 'Remember the clap of two bricks in the playground? That rare science lesson outside. Sunny but winter, for the thinner, sharper air. We measured the distance we were standing from each other with a plastic orange wheel on a stick. Started the stopwatch on sight of the bricks clapping, stopped it when the bang came.'

‘Shoot Liverpool: A Novel Adventure’

Phil collaborated with London-based Shoot Experience to create an interactive photography event at Liverpool’s Bluecoat in June 2009.

Taking inspiration from Robert Browning’s The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Phil wrote the script for a contemporary story which sent participants off around the city centre, capturing segments of the tale with their cameras.

The event culminated in an exhibition of the printed photographs at Open Eye Gallery.