Death Valley / Big Sur

Thirty-six photographs.

Las Vegas Stratosphere tower behind a petrol station canopy
Broken bench at Death Valley service station
Mirrored truck driving across Death Valley
Care for California sign
Broken drinking fountains on a red tiled wall
LA skyline
Getty Museum balcony LA
LA building with a large fibre glass clown on the facade
Giant pair of binoculars building in LA
Santa Monica Harbour sign at sunset, LA
Santa Monica Pier, LA
Old fashioned car driving up Big Sur
Crossing Bixby Bridge, California
Old fashioned car driving up Big Sur
Carved wooden fisherman sculpture in Monterey
Abandoned supermarket in Monterey with Poultry and Fish signs
Abandoned supermarket in Monterey with American flag and signs for Produce and Flowers
Silicon Valley road sign
Flyovers approaching San Francisco
Swooping flyover in San Francisco
Tall white building with clock tower
Neon lights on the Criterion Cinema

All photographs taken by Phil Olsen in October 2006.

Road trip from Las Vegas across Death Valley to Santa Monica, LA and then up Big Sur to San Francisco via San Luis Obispo, Carmel-by-the-Sea and Monterey.